Facetune 2 App Reviews

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great in every way.

besides some things being unavailable due to in-app purchases and me being cheap, this app is amazing for editing photos (i.e. white-washing certain wood tones etc., making certain things pop, making your eyes sparkle, etc.) and for filters. 10/10 would recommend.

Great app

I love using this app!


Definitely a necessary app, I love how natural facetune is.

Nice app but....

This app is alright but more things on the app should be free,that would make it so much better than it is

Background issue

I love this app but for some reason I have been unable to utilize the background changer. Seems it was updated and since that update, nothing in the background will change for me. Will update this review once that is either fixed or explained to me.

love it!

super easy to use and doesn’t look fake

Best photo editing ever!!!

LOVE LOVE LOVE this app. Only drawback is you can’t get it for my MacBook Pro. It has been the absolute best for editing my wedding pics and it was the best app I have ever purchased!!

i recommend it!

awesome app! i’ve been using it for awhile now and still dig it

Easy to use

I have a few editing apps- but this is the one I find myself opening every time.

Great App

BEST APP EVER WAY EASIER AND VETTER THAN PHOTOSHOP. The only not amazing thing about it is the PATCH, it’s not really good

Best free editing app

It works great plus it's free pay a little and can get more features too


I thoroughly enjoy the app but it freezes everytime I try to make a edit which is really frustrating, I paid for the 12 months but it’s kind of a downer when the app is buggy. I hope it clears up eventually because the app itself is really awesome, I like it.

Not like what i am expected


Ching Chong

Tastes great


Just got it but love it so far just wish there were more cultural and scenic background options

Retouch features

Can you please make it so that when I want to use any of the retouch features after using a retouch feature the retouch options don’t disappear and make me click on retouch again please? Everything else is amazing.

best editing app

I also use it to give amazing colors to my landscape photos


First of all, this app shouldn't be 4+. Young girls should be kept away from the fact you can alter your body for as long as possible. All this app does is create low self esteem for girls who do not look like Models.


If I pay for onetime payment so you guys gonna charge me more? I have heard a lot of charged on this app.😳


Facetune only let’s you do all the cool stuff if you have VIP and the only way to get VIP is to pay $69.25!

Taking pics

Downloaded the free version. However, when I take a pic, the preview looks absolutely amazing but when it’s done downloading the pic it doesn’t come out like the preview and I have to manually edit to smooth out. This doesn’t happen with video though. Not sure if the VIP version would fix this problem.

Pay Once, then some more.

I paid for the app and VIP features about 8 months ago. The most recent update is trying to make me pay a subscription again. $70 for what I was paying $10 a year for. So if I pay the $70 I’m sure that will only last until the next update. Real classy way to rip people off facetune. All fixed.

Best app!

All of my pictures look professional after using this app! Definitely worth the monthly buy

Love but..

Love love this app. It’s my go to! The only thing it’s missing is a manual red eye remover! Paying monthly for everything and I just need to be able to remove red eye on my own.

Are you serious?! 40 bucks ?!

I canceled this app four days ago after I noticed you were going to charge me 40 dollars for your stupid app. Not ever in my life would I pay that for an APP- once a year or not! You auto default people to that and even when they cancel it so it doesn’t go through you STILL PROCESS IT. Your app doesn’t even let you selectively touch up like your free one. You’re basically a super expensive Pixlr. Reversing the charge.


i signed up for the “monthly fee” option (a few dollars a month) which was supposed to be able to be cancelled at any time. they instead charged me $35.99 for a “yearly subscription” and apple cannot refund me the money because apparently this app doesn’t allow refunds. what a freaking ripoff. terrible customer service on this app’s part.

Scams the User

This app will scam you by mischarging your account. I had purchased access for a month for $5.99 on Jan 25. and just noted (Jan 31) that it charged me for the yearly access of $35.99! I tried requesting a refund through Apple but it states that it’s not eligible. Since then I have emailed the developers but I have received no response. User beware of unauthorized charges.

New VIP pricing ???

What is this new pricing ? Have been using it for some time. I had paid. And now it’s asking over $3 per month ???? Gotta find another app. Dishonest

Doesn’t work

Anything decent requires a subscription (there are several equivalent apps that are free), and, I declined to let them use my location or send notifications, and I won’t even let me take a photo, which seems pretty weird. Will be deleting this app. Total scam!!


I downloaded the app because I wanted to test out what the hype was about. The app stated that it would not charge my account until AFTER 24hrs if I haven’t cancelled my subscription before then. I used the app for maybe TEN MINUTES and decided I didn’t like it. I cancelled my subscription so that it would not charge my account. However I get an alert on my phone stated that it charged my account 35.99$. I WANT MY MONEY BACK NOW. SCAMMERS. Give me my money back. I read the rules and regulations properly and I was not supposed to be charged within 24hrs if I cancelled my subscription before the 24hrs were up. I cancelled it my subscription within 10 min yet I still got charged. SCAM. GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK.

Accidental purchase.

I had my thumb resting on the button. I had no idea that upon downloading and opening the page, it would immediately charge you. I was charged for the month subscription, even tho I didn’t plan on purchasing anything. I wanted to check out the app first. Please advice.

Remove microphone requirement

Originally I gave this app one star for not working. Turns out that was by design from the developer and the only way to take pictures is to enable microphone access. That’s creepy. Can that please not be a requirement to take a picture? Snapchat doesn’t require this.

Charging for free items

Have loved and used this app for probably three years now I think. Suddenly there is a face tune 2 and now they are charging for features that used to be free which I find most frustrating. It was one of my favorite apps for editing pictures but I will abandon it now that they’re charging for free features.

Love this app!!!!

There’s literally nothing I can’t do with this editing app...I love it!

Probably the most valuable app I’ve ever installed

I don’t write many reviews but this app deserves one for sure .... Facetune is the most powerful and intuitive app for editing portrait photos (selfies) that exist. Despite my 10+ years experience and training with photoshop, I honestly prefer “Facetune” when editing portrait photography :)


I love this app!!!! Being 46 I have some wrinkles and this app really makes me photos look beautiful. You are brilliant for making this app .


This app is the absolute best! I didn’t get the “premium” version but if I’m being honest I think the app is just as good without it, it’s a lot better than any other editing app I’ve ever used and I love how up close you can get with the picture and how many little touch ups you can actually make! Absolutely amazing! 💕

It’s a no for me..

You have to pay for every little thing.


This product is a gem! It allows me to make these changes to my photos without making them look to fake or made up. I know its not good to hide insecurities, but sometimes you need that perfect headshot to accomplish goals in pictorial quality. Thank you Facetune


I love it!!!!


its bad not even star. half star

Easy touch ups

Quick and easy photo editing. Would enjoy if I could still listen to my music while the camera is open though!

Awesome app

After many years, now i can take a selfie and watch it! 😂 This is awesome and my highly recommended Camera App for everyone who want take better shots of himself. Also the editor will make you amazed! Everything you need for edit your photos and selfies are included in this app. In other words, you can take wonderful photos or edit them! I would recommend this valuable application to all, Especially to you!

Absolute garbage

Can’t load any photos, even after updating and reinstalling. Useless.

To Expensive

I had facetune1 and was testing it out trying to decide if the VIP license was worth it for my business since I don’t take a lot of pictures that included faces. I did find that this was the app I most often opened first. The features make it easy to adjust parts of a photo rather than the entire thing at once and the face detection is amazing. So I decided it was worth the cost for a lifetime license.... To my surprise the iPhone app update changed it to Facetune2 and the cost is either 2.99 month or 70.00 for lifetime, holy crap! You can buy Lightroom for that cost on a good day...I wish they hadn’t auto updated to Facetune 2 so I could have purchased version 1 licensing that was half the price of the new one. When I look for version 1 in the App Store I have to pay $3.99 to download it now, with no guarantee that the VIP license is still available if I did, so I’m now looking for a new app to purchase.

Had no idea it cost so much!

This app costs $4.99/month! It is not free, so do not be fooled!

Don’t download

After you download the app they want to charge you monthly. Be prepared to pay!

Not free.

You can’t do anything until you buy their “VIP” package. Not a free app.

Hidden fees

This is a scam! App is great but they will tell you they are only charging 2.99 a month and they do but then they will also charge you $35 this is a scam

Extremely limited features unless you buy VIP

Extremely disappointing and not what was promised in promo. Compared to other editing apps, Facetune 2 is useless unless you buy up to VIP. There are many apps offering editing tools for useful fixes of eyes, makeup, etc. without requiring buy ups like Facetune 2. I’d strongly recommend installing one of those instead.

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