Facetune 2 App Reviews

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Great! My original problem was fixed.

App not working

Won’t let me upload images to edit


I’m in no way a pro at editing! But your app allows me to edit my hobby pictures to professional looking shots! Not to mention how easy the tools are to navigate. I also love the tutorial section!! Thank you for helping us beginners seem like we’ve been editing for years!

It’s good tbh

There are some in app purchases but the app is amazing

tap record video

plz add this option: one tap record video


It’s not free

Poor customer service/ Glitchy app

I’ve purchased facetune on my old phone but recently upgraded iPhones. Since upgrading I’ve downloaded facetune2 but haven’t been able to purchase the VIP features which are the only settings on facetune that I use. I’ve contacted facetune multiple times and they haven’t resolved the issue.

So good

So good ;)


This thing is really amazing if you don’t have VIP

Add background ,layers and texts

We want to add our own background with the photo not only these four or five backgrounds, but it's awesome and very helpful 👌🏻👌🏻👍🏻👍🏻 Also we need to add a text and more then one layers we need multiple layers together it would be the perfect app 😍

"Mood" function is a SHAM!

my face is extremely babyish so i decided to get this app, and use the "Seduce+" on "Mood"s. It did not seduce ANYONE and my boyfriend stopped texting me.


This app is amazing for editing insta pics even if you don’t buy the package! I love using the WHITENING feature on my teeth or my dogs white fur just to brighten it up. The GLOW feature all over the pic, then the VIBRANCE feature for trees in the background or for colorful things to make them stand out. I would highly recommended this app to anyone🌸

It's not free!

Why does this app advertise as FREE? There's nothing free about this app, what a joke. And you wonder why the trust level between consumers and guess who is declining rapidly. It's really pathetic that free is attached to your main page. Is it that important to you developers to make consumers believe the app is free then once realized most won't have anything to do with you knowing there's zero integrity in you. Sad really.

Editing quality not worth the cost.

I played with this app for a while and found better results in other free programs. After all the work I put into the photo I uploaded, I found I was not allowed to save it unless I purchased a package. I would have considered it if the editing capabilities were higher quality.


You give no price until it’s downloaded. I cancelled it because I don’t like to be scammed into something.

Not good at all

This app does not work good at all. The smoothing tool makes the picture look blotchy and fake and everything else doesn’t work right. Also everything on here you have to buy except for a few things. If there were 0 stars I’d choose that.

Great App Horrible Service

I purchased the permanent service when I downloaded the app. Since then, whenever they release an update, I have to write an email asking customer service to restore my purchase because their restore function DOES NOT WORK. This has been annoying but at least with a few more typing I still get to use what I had paid for UNTIL their latest update. As of now, customer service is still MIA; nobody ever responded to my email, and the app just keeps asking me to do an upgrade purchase. Yea right I have already paid for it in case you didn’t notice Facetune team. Hate to give low ratings, especially when the app functions are well built; BUT, hold your fingers before you make the purchase: do you want to write to a customer service that doesn’t respond to you EVERY Time you use your app after their update for service you’ve paid for? Really? You and your money deserve better than this.

don't get if you want lite version

you can't do anything on the free version.


i seen james charles use it so now i use it :)

Simple to use!

I’ve been using this app for years now. I finally decided to upgrade to get all the features of editing photos, and it is so worth it!!! I love being able to enhance my photos. As a photographer, I never want my photos to look fake or overly “photoshopped”. I am able to use this app to find the perfect balance. Love the filters too! I’ve been using these filters rather than VSCO since I’ve upgraded. This app, especially when you upgrade, gives you lots of flexibility and choices. Totally recommend!!!

Mouth is shining like a diamond!!!

I people asking me on my picture “ did you get your teeth whitened? If so tell me who did them” why your face is so clear!” But the secret is FaceTune. This app is my lifesaver to likes on insta and it will save your appearance

My only go to option

I try to use different apps but no matter how much I try, I finally get back to Facetune to edit my photos.


Right after installation.

One of the best

That's a lot of editing stuff for free

Pretty good

But what's the difference between org and 2?

Everything you need!

⭐️911⭐️Where is the red-eye repair in this version? Do I need to keep the free version to fix them & send over to Facetune VIP? I've been a Facetune fan for a very long time. I was hesitant to pay the $30 for a lifetime membership... I'm glad I gave it the shot! If I added up ALL the $$ I've spent on my other editing apps, it would have cost me so much more! This is truly a one stop shop for all your needs with editing. Best part, I will continue to receive add on packs. Keep up the creative juices, Facetune. You have certainly been listening to your reviews. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


it’s like a mini “photoshop” app kit without having to pull out your laptop everytime for a pic

FaceTune2 Review

Personally, I’m all for the looks. I love the variety of tools I can use to not CHANGE myself and my pictures but to put and idea I had in my head to put it into ART. If don’t correctly, photoshop can me seen as an art and a talent. I imagine in the future many people will use this and FaceTune (1) for great pictures. Thanks!

Very Pricey BUT Amazing!

For all us ‘fake ppl’ who enjoy changing everything about us, this app is perfect!! (Just kidding! Lol) but seriously if you like to play with your photos and need to adjust tiny imperfections this app is wonderful! I have to say, I do think that what they charge is a little ‘over the top’ but if you pay by the month and have all the pics you want to edit ready to go, then maybe that’s your best bet! (As not all of us have $70 to pay for a yearly subscription just for a photo editor). But this app is fun and addicting, so if you’re a nut like me who likes to edit and play with your photos, well the. Get ready to lose countless hours being immersed in this app! 👍🏼


i don’t use editing that much but i use this app to touch up my pictures that i post on instagram and other apps! it is super easy to use and makes your pictures look great without looking fake or unrealistic!!💖🤩

A suggestion! Love this App

I love this app! You can give makeovers, fix lighting, and more! Sometimes if you have a color that your thinking you want to dye your hair you can try it out!! One suggestion for the creators is adding some hair colors for people who want to dye their hair and they can test it out on here.


This app literally helps me take a natural selfie and just touch it up a little to make me feel better about myself .


this is an amazing app. i use it to do all sorts of things. such as blurring my background, erase my acne, and so much more. they have updated it to be a very good app. if you want to edit your pictures then this is the app for you. THERE IS ONE THING THAT I DISLIKE WHICH IS EVERY TIME YOU OPEN THE APP IT WILL ASK YOU IF YOU WANT TO UPGRADE FOR THE PREMIUM PACKAGE. it gets incredibly annoying after awhile but other than that, this is a GREAT APP!!!!

Best photo editing app

This literally is the best photo editing app out there. It has every tool you can think of. Worth the money.

Amazing touch up - annoying subscription prompts

The product is the best one I’ve ever encountered for facial touch ups . It is way too aggressive at prompting and re-prompting subscription services that are too expensive

Thank you James charles

Y’all better sponsor James charles

The best so far.

THE BEST app for retouching your photos. Seriously so happy. They give you a LOT of options for free, and the other half (which I can do without) is premium. Very easy to use. Gives you so much flexibility. I’d pay for this app if it was a free trial and I’ll probably just pay for it anyways. I’ve always downloaded free editing apps and within like three minutes, I’m deleting a ton of them because they’re too difficult to use, can barely use without being prompted to pay, or doesn't have all that I’m looking for. This one is amazing.

Crashes constantly

I love this app, but after spending a lot of time on an edit it’ll CRASH. Usually when I’m editing a background. It’s super frustrating.

Needs 2 things

The only 2 things this app needs in order to be literally the best skin editing app is for 1 the texture feature to be actual pores instead of sharpness minimized & 2 for you to work in layers & go through & pick witch layer you want to either remove or adjust . There’s more things I would love to see improved on this app but for now those are my only 2 complaints with this app I LOVE IT !!

Way too pricy

I’m really disappointed that facetune decided to go with a subscription model. I probably wouldn’t even mind it too much if it wasn’t this expensive! I’m so tempted to buy this app but honestly every time I just have to remind myself it’s not worth it. At the price of $70 I might as well get photoshop on my computer. And what bothers me the most was that at one point the app was available for one time payment of $30 and when I checked back later they had bumped it up to $70 ?? I was so SHOOK that they bumped the price up so much and it discouraged me from buying this app. A subscription model for an app like this in my opinion isn’t worth it. And the only perk old face tune users get is a one month free trial! No discount on the full version, nothing. 🙏🏼 If only I still had the opportunity to purchase this app for $30 (NOT YEARLY) I’d gladly throw my money at facetune but I don’t and I’m not spending $70 so I guess :S I’ll just continue to be upset over it and hopefully some day another app that’s just as good will come out that’s reasonable priced.


I saw one of youtube videos & I was like why not download this app & fake my way thru selfies b/c yk you gotta fake ya way thru life. ILYYY SISTA JAMES IF YOU SEE THIS❤️🖤💝💗💓💞💛💕💖 XOXOXOXO

Shistar snatching worthy



It won’t open on my IPhone 6s. Just keeps playing the advertisement.

Get it now

It is amazing I love everything about it

It’s Not Free

Why advertise and list this as a "free" app if you have to pay (min 5.99/month) to use it???


Nice app 👍😍😍

Just an add!

As it states, this is just an add...You can’t do ANYTHING with this app unless you subscribe and pay a monthly fee!

I have had this app for a long time

I have loved this but all of a sudden it dose not work . I have asked for help they just give me a lot of junk that only a lawyer could read When it has worked I really loved it but right now I so upset because I can’t get it to work . It’s a google app and they want me to buy an upgrade. When it works it’s a 4 Star now it’s a one star! This app contact me to clarify what was going on. The error was mine not theirs. I still don’t fully understand as I use the app for a very long time. But it appears that I had not paid for that app so I appreciated them contacting me and clarifying what was going on. I would give this app a very strong 5 stars and do appreciate contact with them with clear and easy to understand information about what had been going on

It crashed my Phone!!!

This app made my phone crash and it took 5 minutes for it to turn back on!😡😡 don’t download this app


It didn’t download it said purchased 😡😡😡😡 I am angry

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