Facetune 2 App Reviews

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Best App

Just amazing ☝🏾


This app is amazing and I can see what people would pay for (ok not really the 70$ for lifetime especially since the first one was only like 4$) but any way my only question is why are basic editing tools such as saturation, highlights, and shadow for vip only??? I mean literally every single editing app free and paid has these things. Even the editor in your photos. This doesn’t really make since to me and it is annoying going back and forth through other apps to have to use these tools. I understand you want to make money but tools like those should just be a given that they are free. One last thing. I wouldn’t say this is app is worth seventy dollars for life time or doing a continuous subscription. A One time purchase of like 7-10$ is probably more of the range this app is in. Great app but yeah.

Great app, but bugs!

I paid for the VIP monthly subscription, but now I can't access it. I can't restore purchases, I can't even try to rebuy it. I depend on this app and normally I love it, but this has been frustrating.


I know this app is really awesome but then again you would be thinking twice before you purchase.. for Facetune VIP one-time purchase cost $69.99!!! HA! Oh man! I think it’s about time for the company and the developer realise that not all would be able to purchase this VIP settings, $5.99 for a month and $2.99 for monthly for 12 months. I really wish you lessen the amount for the access of the VIP settings so this app can cater not just the people who can afford to pay but also those youngster who are an avid user fan of this app. Below $20 is good, tolerable to pay but $69.99 is NO GOOD AT ALL. But Kudos for this app! this app is very satisfying and well design platform for picture editing.

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You have to pay

You have to pay

Problem with edit then saved photos

1) I edited and saved to photos, but for some reason the file was corrupted (?) because I couldn’t send the photo to a friend through a messaging app. 2) Another time I edited, saved, and imported to VSCO, the photo came out blue. I tried it several times, even re-saving from Facetune 2. Didn’t work. Please fix!!

Major bug problems

I love the app and I use it for all of my pictures. I have a subscription for VIP and over the last few months the app will randomly revert me back and take away my VIP access. When I try to restore my purchases it won’t let me. This happens once a month and I can’t get it to work for weeks at a time. I used to love the app but this is getting a little ridiculous.

Don’t waste your time.

I’m sure the app is great if you are willing to pay for a subscription. They draw you in by making the app free but you can’t do anything without buying a subscription. There are much better apps that are free.

I purchased it but it’s not downloading. Please help!

Great app, I just can’t download it onto my new phone, it even comes up as apps I’ve purchased. I’m not sure what the problem is. I tried several times, even on different days!

Just WOW

Love this app!! This app is all you need for retouching, filters background you name it this app has it. Easy to use. Once you try it, this will be the only app you use for perfect pictures.

Does this give you muscles

Have not used got bought it I am wondering if you can add a 6 pack on you I seen the reviews and just gave it 5 stars


great app! covers all my depression tears!

Way too complicated

I’m sure this is easy if you already know how to use photoshop but they need a “for dummies” version. This is way too difficult to learn easily and I won’t be spending money on this. Already deleted

So easy to use

Love how easy it is to fix little imperfections ,change background, lighting and turn regular pictures into portraits .


I've really enjoyed this app lately. When I want to post on Instagram it really helps me visualize the pictures more and make me look pretty good. Thanks FACETUNE!

Pricey but Worth It!

This app is by far the BEST photo editing app I have ever used. You can literally do ANYTHING to your selfies, to achieve whatever exact desired effect you wish. This app gets all the little nuances completely right! Even my less flattering selfies come out ravishing after I’ve used FaceTune for enhancements. It is so unbelievably versatile and the tools are comprehensive for whatever you might need. They really thought of everything! I wish this had existed years ago! I never post a selfie or portrait to social media without running it through FaceTune FIRST. It’s become a necessity on my iPhone and my go-to app for all things selfie related! The price is steep but worth it for what you get and how often you’ll find yourself using it. Five enthusiastic stars! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Won't save photos.

The app itself is okay. Can't do much unless you pay but with what you can do it works well. Only thing now is after having if for just a couple days- it won't save my images!! I have plenty of storage, it's just the app. And after multiple tries it will then begin to crash on you. Refreshing the phone and updating the app didn't help either.

Messed up!!!!

I already paid pro for everything but now it’s not letting me restore my purchasing order. Please fix this immediately

Unauthorized purchase without my consent

This app charged me $38+ to use when I never authorized the purchase. When I contacted Apple Support, I was refused a refund. Be cautious when using this app, they charge you without your consent.

waste of money

so before the update there was no vip stuff and no there is. i bought this crap and now i have to pay more. why?

Great App But

I love this App! I’ve never been able to edit photos the way that I do now! My only issue is the latest update removed the Darkroom option. I appreciated the fact that I could click a button and the lighting would automatically be perfect for every photo. Now the Darkroom option is no longer there. The automatic lighting feature was perfect because it saved so much time and took out the guess work. Please bring it back or if I’m missing something tell me where to find it within the App. Thank you.

Best face app on the market

This app is soooo good.

I have had this app for a long time

I have loved this but all of a sudden it dose not work . I have asked for help they just give me a lot of junk that only a lawyer could read When it has worked I really loved it but right now I so upset because I can’t get it to work . It’s a google app and they want me to buy an upgrade. When it works it’s a 4 Star now it’s a one star!

good but more

I LOVE THIS APP but I wish you could do more without vip


VIP. LoL. What a joke


I love this app. It has great features and filters and all of it is very easy to use. Best I've seen. 😍❤️💙 It’s the very first app I go to for my photo editing

No seriously this is the Best app EVER

This is the best photo editing app in the entire AppStore. Hands down THE BEST. I LOVE it

Amazing app

Helps me up the quality of my photos and I receive tons of positive comments

best editing app ever.


The app crashes

The app crashes after the last update

Very sad; it won't open

I just got this app because it had great reviews and I needed an app like it. However, I tried everything to get the app to open after I installed it, but it wouldn't. Very sad. Please help!!

Me encanta Face2

Muy buena realmente funciona

not worth the money

this app is great and it has fantastic features that are free. It’s easy to use and has a wide variety of editing tools. A lot of the tools you must pay for before you can save your pictures. I’ve used this app multiple times before but recently i have found an app that does the exact same things for free. All i’m saying is if you have to have the tools look harder before you pay for this app.


Shit’s bomb


Trust me, it works great

Cant use my VIP features even though I have paid the yearly fee

I love this app, however every once in a while some small problems arise and I cant continue to use my app. I have paid for the yearly subscription and the app wont let me use the features of the VIP and wont let me restore the purchase either and it can be very frustrating.

Finally A Great Editor

I am so impressed with this app, it needs to become the original facetune because it is that good of a app. I have the iPhone 6s Plus and to be able to defocus the background is awesome, I can’t tell you how long I have been searching for a app that could do that. I’ve wanted a iPhone X just for that reason because it can do things like that, but now I don’t need one. Also I’m so glad the defocus feature is free please keep it like that and I’ll make sure to tell my friends about this amazing app!


We don’t want people to know we are Facetuning!! That’s the whole point of this app!! Why are you guys renaming the files and adding Facetune into the file name????


Me gusta mucho este programa, soy pintora y disfruto haciendo mis trabajos Gracias.


Useless do not download , you have to pay for everything, Garbage


I love face tune. If I could add frames and text I would need no other app. It’s a great, versatile editor.


Great app. I love how I can edit my pictures very well

Best editing app ever

I love this app. I will forever have an iPhone just because of the love I have for this app.

Worth the money

Wasn’t sure I wanted to spend over $20 for another photo app, but I use it daily. Glad I did.

Very slow!!

For a monthly paid up it operates like a turtle, I’ve gotten too used to high-speed Internet to deal with in app that takes 15 seconds minimum to save after every edit. Canceling subscription, I use this app exclusively for the background feature, I’m a reseller and I use it to turn the background of my products white, it works better than any other app I’ve used except it’s adding so much extra time and frustration, it’s not worth the monthly fee. I really wish it worked seamlessly, and would be happy to give it a five star when it does.

Difficult to Use. Upgrade Worthless.

Sorry guys: This is something you have to experience for yourself. The would-be easy to edit videos shown from the developer for using the app are NOT reality. I paid for the six month subscription, went through tutorials, used the app constantly and was constantly frustrated with it and its incredible lack of actual benefit. The developer never responded to questions or concerns I sent re: how-tos (that weren't covered in their tutorials) and constant crashing and in-app tools not working properly and especially the annoying pop-ups received even after subscribing AND then having to pay for the new, shiny version 2. Just spare yourself the stress and frustration. I don't know of any other person apps that actually fulfill their photo editing on iOS promises, if any of you know...? Regards.

Great! But one suggestion...

I love this app. Seriously. It makes my friends and I look A LOT better. 😂. However, I do have one suggestion. I think it would benefit the app if added a (free😂) makeup section. Lots of people who have downloaded “Facetune 2” also download makeup apps. I think there would be more downloads if that feature was added! 🙂 -Facetune Fan

Loved the original

Ok, so here is my issue. I LOVE Facetune, and I like Facetune 2. What I don’t like is that some of the features are no longer included in the app unless you buy a SUBSCRIPTION or pay $70.00! I will not pay either. Now, my concern is that you will stop with Facetune and stick to this method. I have Facetune on my iPad and I have to pay $3.99 for it on my phone if I want it. I’m willing to pay it as long as it doesn’t stop getting updated because of Facetune 2. Also, if the free features will remain free on Facetune 2, then at least there is that. I would be somewhat happy with it. I feel like app makers are getting more and more money hungry and thus the apps are getting worse and worse unless you are willing to pay too much. Anyway, these are great apps they have made. I just wish I could pay $5.00 for it instead of $70.00 or another monthly bill to be responsible for. If you as the developer have read this review, please let me know if the free features now will remain free or if I am to expect another surprise. Also, let me know if purchasing Facetune for iPhone will be worth it (meaning you will keep it updating).

Wish they had a edit button

I LOVE this app! It’s absolutely amazing and has so many cool tools! Two things I wish they would add. 1. View edits button (like snapseed) that lets you see all of the edits you have added to a picture while also being able to edit within those edits without having to press the back button and re-do it all over again. 2. A revert button on pictures you’ve already edited in the app, because sometimes you just want to start over.

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